About us
Formed in 2021, ethos is a design collective that covers fresh and critical approaches to help design and research practitioners think differently about our work and the communities we design with. We believe applying a critical lens to design has the ability to deconstruct oppressive systems and bring us one step closer to a more fair and equitable future.
At ethos we embrace...
Doing the work to examine how our beliefs, bias, and privilege show up in our work.
Design should be understood across global cultures and communities.
As designers, we are future makers and should explore possibilities rather than just solutions.
Designing with and not for "users" helps create a shared sense of power and ownership.
Meet the Team
Hope Idaewor, Founder
Originally from Nigeria, Hope is a mixed methods researcher at Microsoft with a background in computing, design, and a Master of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research explores fairness, ethics, and representation of digital and virtual experiences. She formed ethos as a way to simply create space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to lead these conversations and to reimagine new approaches to inclusive design.
Dimeji Onafuwa, PhD
Board Member